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Here you can request an offer for an express loan without SCHUFA examination free of charge and without obligation.

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Express credit immediately


It is becoming more and more common to need a loan quickly because there are suddenly expenses that were not predictable and for which money could not be saved. On the other hand, of course, it may happen that savings should not be touched and just the time of low interest rates should be used to obtain the required funds through an express loan. The increasing demand and desire for financing ensures that there are more and more and above all different offers on the market. A special form of these loans is the so-called non-Schufa loan, which is described in more detail below and is of particular interest to persons who can not expect loan approval on the “normal” route.

Express credit despite negative Schufa apply online


In order to protect both the consumer from financial distress and the credit institutions from a loan default, there are various rules and regulations, which must be considered and examined in a decision on an existing loan application. Particularly important is the credit check, which checks the applicant’s creditworthiness and solvency to see that he can pay future installments without financial difficulties.

Express loans without credit check

Express loans without credit check

In the case of German banks, the Schufa is a very special factor in addition to the proof of income as part of this credit check. There are stored various information about consumers, which provide information on the creditworthiness, such as opened current accounts, existing credit cards, applied for or current and also completed loans, involved debt collection agencies or affidavits. While fully repaid loans are a positive feature, debt collection agencies and affidavits, as well as numerous unsuccessful loan inquiries, are more likely to conclude with a bad credit rating, often leading to immediate rejection of the loan.

Express Credit Switzerland

Express Credit Switzerland

Here comes the credit without Schufa as an alternative in the game. In most cases it is offered by banks in Switzerland, Austria or Liechtenstein or by German institutions that cooperate with such banks. The frequency of such loans from Switzerland has meant that the loan without Schufa is often referred to as Swiss credit . This is possible because there are different policies and other priorities can be set in a credit check.

Accordingly, these credit institutions waive a request from Schufa for a loan application, which means that any negative information stored there will not play a role in the credit decision and the chances of a commitment will be higher. One must not forget in his deliberations and plans that it is of course no credit without credit check, but only the information of Schufa is waived. At all times, emphasis is placed on the fact that a regular income from an indefinite and not terminated employment relationship exists and also special age limits are to ensure that a repayment of the installment is guaranteed.

When is the express credit without Schufa examination useful?

When is the express credit without Schufa examination useful?

The loan without Schufa is suitable for those who, due to existing entries in the Schufa at most banks from the outset by the grid of the credit check, but still need a loan to make urgent expenses can. Meaningful is the credit without Schufa for these people as an attractive alternative to the conventional loans, in which a loan commitment is not expected because of Schufa.

However, such a loan is meaningful only if it is only the data at the Schufa that stands in the way of a loan commitment. In any case, you should consider for yourself whether the otherwise available financial resources allow a loan, without bringing yourself into even greater financial difficulties. One should therefore take the chance of such a loan without Schufa only if the installment does not lead to the fact that one can not deny his other livelihood.

Since a loan without Schufa not only waives the request, but after a completed loan no message to the Schufa, this credit remains completely invisible in relation to the Schufa. The result is that the Schufa is not burdened and the loan without Schufa also proves useful for those who now need a smaller financing, but in the future have planned a larger loan. Here it is then recommended to satisfy the small need for money on the loan without Schufa and run the upcoming large financing on a generally cheaper “normal” credit, in which one then of a still flawless Schufa and thus a successful credit check benefits.

This anonymous nature of the credit without Schufa can also be optimized by the fact that there are variants in which one does not have to have the loan amount transferred, but can cash out cash. As a result, the house bank would not know anything about the loan because there is no corresponding cash receipt on the account.

Express credit for bad credit

Express credit for bad credit

The advantages of the loan without Schufa therefore lie in the fact that the Schufa remains out in all respects. If a regular income is available and you can afford the installments, anyone can take out a loan in this way, regardless of which (old) burdens are still found in the information of the Schufa.

At the same time, the failure to report to the Schufa is an advantage, because the new credit does not worsen the score at the Schufa. Disadvantages arise with the loan without Schufa in the conditions, which are usually worse than with conventional financing. This is mainly because such a loan without Schufa has one or the other risk that banks can pay with a higher interest rate.

Here, the comparison referred to below is very important in order not to suffer from high interest rates, which some providers estimate because they want to benefit from the helplessness and the urgent need for credit. Often, the available loan amounts are also very limited, so that the loan without Schufa for higher financing is not available, but due to the higher interest rates would not be suitable.

For some providers, there is also the rule that, for example, a Swiss loan always consists of a certain number of monthly installments. Depending on the loan amount, this can lead to high rates, which are not exactly flexible and which then lead to financial bottlenecks only because they can not be extended to a longer term.

What is there to consider to find a reputable express credit intermediary?

The large variety of different loans and also the variants for a loan without Schufa makes it necessary to look at the different possibilities and to compare the individual financings. First and foremost, of course, the interest rate is of great importance, and the effective interest rate should always be considered.

There is also included any costs, so that he has a better statement about how expensive the loan really is, as it is the case with the pure nominal interest rate. The providers differ in the offered amounts of the loan amount, so of course you should always select the banks that really provide the desired loan amount. In addition, one should pay attention to the possible maturities, in order to influence the amount of the monthly rate in some way and to be able to adapt to the own financial possibilities.

Express credit without credit check

Express credit without credit check

In order to make such comparisons to reputable providers, you should definitely make sure that the pure request is free and without obligation and there are not already unnecessary fees charged. This often also applies to previous processing fees, where you should also keep your hands off as with the financial service providers who demand any upfront payments.

Attractive are the portals, where you can request completely without obligation and free of charge comparisons and only then comes to any fees when it actually came to the conclusion of a loan. These include, for example, the well-known and popular portals Bon-Kredit and Maxda.

The providers Bon-Kredit and Maxda


Bon-Kredit is a platform on the Internet that compares and offers loans with more than 45 years of experience and is therefore a partner you can trust anytime. In addition, the great advantage that every comparison is not binding and there is no time to any pre-cost.

The offer ranges across all types of credit, where both the with and the variants can be found without Schufa. Another advantage of Bon-Kredit is the fact that when a search or comparison request both variants are checked. Often you do not even know if you can get a traditional loan and focus too quickly on the loan without Schufa.

But since the processing is faster and the conditions are better, Bon-Kredit looks first, whether a normal loan is possible and only if there is no positive result, is further looked at the offers for a loan without Schufa. Incidentally, the popularity of this portal is reflected in more than 100,000 loans paid out.

Maxda is also a portal on the World Wide Web, which specializes in the comparison and placement of express loans despite Schufa and belongs in the field not only to the best known, but also to the most popular platforms. Specializing in private clients, the portal offers a variety of financing and is also a competent and serious provider when it comes to arranging a loan without Schufa. For this there are attractive variants up to a loan amount in the amount of 7,500 euros, whereby one profits at any time also from a free credit check.