Delegation loan – that is the double fifth of the salary

Are you wondering how to increase your loan with a salary-backed loan? The proxy loan , also known as a loan with delegation of payment , can be the one that is right for you. Find out how to get it as soon as possible!

The proxy loan (also referred to as a delegation of payment or double fifth ) is a non-finalized personal loan aimed at employees that allows for higher figures when the fifth salary formula has already been used. It is generally supported by the sale of the fifth salary.

Loans with repayment by means of payment must generally be contained within the limit of 2/5 of the net salary . The loan is granted by the financing institution in an initial solution by bank transfer or check payable to the applicant.

The payment of the installments is direct and automatic with a withholding of the amount on the employee’s pay slip (as for the sale of the fifth).

To take advantage of this type of financing, there is no need for guarantors , sureties or the signing of any bills of exchange , protests, delays in the payment of other loans or foreclosures can also coexist.
The guarantee on this loan is its own dependent job, ie the pay packet (from which the installments will be taken) and the severance pay ( termination indemnity ).

The characteristics are similar to the assignment of the fifth, however the loan is not a right enshrined in the law of the employee but is granted at the discretion of the employer.

The delegated loan, unlike the salary loan, cannot be paid to pensioners .


Amounts financed from 2,500 to 80,000 euros (based on the financing institution)
Rate between 24 and 120 months (based on the financing institution)
Age between 18 and 60 years.
Demonstrable income (salary, paycheck, etc.).
Even with foreclosures, protests, or registrations in central risk (bad payers).
With other ongoing funding.
Customizable amounts and repayment times.
Fixed rate and rate for the entire duration
Possibility of early extinction with total savings of interest.





 The loan delegation allows, if accompanied by the assignment of the fifth (and granted by the company for which you work) to obtain larger amounts by committing a portion of salary up to 2/5 of the net received (1/5 with the transfer and 1 / 5 with the delegation).
It is therefore possible with this financing to double the amount received with the sale.

It does not take into account payment delays or other personal loans in progress (we are talking about consumer credit and loans repaid by rid or bills) but only of any transfers and proxies already in progress.

The outcome is quite rapid and it is possible to obtain an advance (depending on the institution that grants it) already in the contractual phase, without waiting for the completion of the operation.